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Header: Program History

Printmaking at CSULB achieved a position of national prominence in the 1960's under the direction of Dick Swift, who built the program and its facilities. Interest in the field was high, especially with our proximity to Los Angeles and its active printmaking community, including publishers such as Gemini G.E.L. and Cirrus Editions. Professor Swift remained as the figurehead of the area specializing in etching and relief printmaking, while a succession of artists moved through the second faculty position teaching lithography and silkscreen (including Jean Milant, head of the aforementioned Cirrus). Sought for their skills in all print mediums, numerous students went to print at the top ateliers: Dan Freeman, Tim Isham, Barbara Thomason, Chris Sukimoto, Alan Holubek and Claudio Stickar as master printers at Gemini and Michael Birnbaum and Matt Thomason at Josephine Press to mention but a few.

Professor Cynthia Osborne (right) and fellow artist, Barbara Noah of Washington State University. 1976.

The vitality and reputation of Printmaking was enhanced in the 1970's with the hiring of Professor Osborne, an expert lithographer. Professor Swift retired in 1988. In 1989, Professor Sexauer was hired bringing her expertise to the relief and etching area.

In 1996, Brian Sanderson who specializes in alternative processes was hired to further expand the capacity of the program. In 2005, following the retirement of Professor Osborne, Professor Miyoshi was hired. She contributes to the program with her proficiency in lithography, screen-printing, and non-toxic approaches to printmaking. The school also employs one printmaking lab technician. Detailed information on the current staff can be found on the faculty and staff page.