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CSULB Printshop Panorama

The Printmaking Program at California State University, Long Beach is comprised of two large studios that are fully equipped for etching, relief printing, lithography, screen printing, as well as an inhouse darkroom and computer area. Community metal and wood shops are also available for printmaking students' use.



Litho Presses
  • Approximately 150 litho stones, ranging up to 32"x44" in size
  • 5 lithography presses (40"x72" Takach-Garfield, 24"x40" Charles Brand, 27"x48" Griffin, 39"x69" Griffin, 32"x50" Fuchs & Lang)
  • Graining sink
  • 2 hydraulic lifts for stones



Etching Presses
  • Ventilated acid room with set-up for zinc and copper etching
  • 4 etching presses (50"x90" Takach Press, 36"x60" Charles Brand, 28"x49" Star Wheel, 18"x36" Charles Brand Electric)
  • 2 Charles Brand hotplates
  • Rosin aquatint box
  • Ventilated spray booth for aquatint
  • Bench sheer for metal cutting



Relief Presses
  • 2 relief presses (40"x72" Takach-Garfield, 36"x60" Charles Brand)
  • 2 Vandercook proofing presses
  • Showcard proofing press


Screen Printing

Screen Exposure Unit
  • Nova QS exposure unit
  • 3 drying racks
  • Sink for screen washing with power washer
  • Large vacuum table with a one-arm squeegee
  • Back lit sink for screen power washing
  • Digital equipment (see below)


Photo Processes
Dark Room Enlargers
  • 3 enlargers
  • 1 Agfa-Gevaert copy camera
  • Quartz lighting kit with consistent color temps for slide-making
  • Olec exposure system
  • Light tables
  • Digital equipment (see below)


Digital Equipment
Large Epson Printer
  • 3 MacIntosh computers
  • 2 tabloid and one standard sized flatbed scanners
  • CNC Router, 18 x 18 inch capacity
  • Polaroid slide scanner - 4,000 dpi
  • Cameo Silhouette laser cutter
  • Adobe software
  • HP Laser Jet 5200tn
  • Epson 9600, color ink-jet printer
  • 2 Wacom drawing pads


California State University, Long Beach. School of Art, 1250 Bellflower Blvd., Long Beach CA 90840